Inspiration For The Domenica Collection


The Painting

The inspiration for the Domenica Collection comes largely from the painting by Domenico Veneziano titled, "Madonna And Child With Saints." 
In 2016, David and I were strolling through the Uffizi Gallery in Florence when this painting caught my eye. We were in a rush to get to the Botticelli room and the museum was closing in 15 minutes with a thunderstorm threatening our walk home, so I only got to spend a glancing moment with this one. Six years later, I was flipping through an Uffizi coffee table book at an estate sale when the book guided me immediately back to this painting, ‘Madonna and Child With Saints,’ by Domenico Veneziano.


The Details

The colors, composition, and architectural details of this painting still felt just as powerful to me in 2021 and they did in 2016 so I knew I needed to create a collection of rings inspired by them. I'm especially excited about the shell-shaped niche, the graphic arches, and the geometric steps under the Madonna.

The Sketches

I've taken a deep dive into learning more about the divine geometry that guided artists like Veneziano and Da Vinci during this time. I'm trying to integrate that proportion and precision into my designs.

I paid special attention to the arches, niches, and stairs under the Madonna when dreaming up this collection. It pairs well with collections past as the structures have so much in common. 

This collection will be released in two drops: The first will be more stone-heavy, featuring many prong and bezel set solitaires, perfect for gift giving and engagements during the holiday season, and the second drop will be more architecturally sculpted, heavy, and perfect for self-purchasing and investment pieces.

 The Gemstones

Inspired by the geometry and colors of the painting, I selected more saturated stones this year in more complex cuts compared to seasons past. Look for more hexagons, octagons, shields, and kite cuts. For color, look for deeper greens, blues, and mauves.

Overall, this collection is heavy in sapphires, topaz, tourmaline, and emerald.

I've added more ethically sourced stones to this collection than ever before, and am so excited to introduce you to new suppliers, cutters, and miners.

You can now shop the Domenica Collection here!

x, Lauren