What is Palm Sunday?

Palm Sunday is a bespoke jewelry brand specializing in rings of intention based in Saint Petersburg, Florida and owned by Lauren Jennings.  Palm Sunday is a brand of reverence for your palms, allowing them to become the focus and conduit of your intentions.  By placing certain stones on our fingers, we are not only expressing to others our tastes and identity, we are also reminding ourselves of that.  Whether you believe in the power of stones or not, a ring can serve as an important reassurance of self. “Palm” is the palm of the hand, and “Sunday” is the reverence we should give it. 

Who makes Palm Sunday Jewelry?

I make everything in house, by hand.  Our custom fabricated rings are slow-made from scratch using recycled gold and carefully selected stones.  Unlike many jewelry retailers/designers, I don’t send computer-generated designs off to a manufacturer for the ring to be made and to a stone-setter for the stone to be set. Preserving the craft of the goldsmith is a priority of mine. There are designs that require that a ring be “cast” and not fabricated, in which case I will hand-carve a wax model of the design and it will be carefully cast in an off-site facility. 

How much do your rings cost?

Our gold options start at $250 and up depending on ring style, stone choice, and karat choice.

Do you accept custom orders?

My custom orders are currently closed.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

I do not accept returns or exchanges on custom orders, anything sized, or items that have been otherwise personalized.

Are you carried in any stores?

We are mainly direct-to-consumer but can also be shopped in person in Berkely, CA at Dark Horse Jewelry.

How do you choose your stones?

Stone selection is a “gut” process.  I don’t necessarily follow the old formula of the four C’s (cut, color, carat, and clarity), but rather I tend to gravitate towards stones that have character and positive energy. I joke that it’s a bit like selecting fruit (there’s nothing wrong with a few imperfections, and oftentimes those are the sweetest picks). I do, of course, consider my client’s wishes and can hunt down a flawless gem if preferred. The vast majority of stones I work with are ethically sourced from dealers that are members of the Ethical Gem Suppliers.

How do I find out my ring size?

The easiest and most accurate way to determine your ring size is to visit a local jeweler and have your finger sized.  Or you’re welcome to mail me an inexpensive ring that you know fits well and I’ll match your new ring to that size, returning both to you upon completion of the custom ring. My favorite “hack" is to visit a local Michael’s or other craft store, find their ring loops in the jewelry section, and use them to find your size. I also offer non-refundable, optional, ring size insurance.  It’s $25 and good for life- if you guessed your ring size wrong or your ring size changes over time, I’ll make it fit again!

What is the difference between 10k, 14k, and 18k gold?

The higher the karat the more pure gold the metal contains. 10k is 42% pure gold and 58% other metals, 14k is 58% pure gold and 42% other metals, and 18k is 75% pure gold and 25% other metals. The higher the karat, the lower the chance of allergic reactions. The higher the karat, the more yellow the gold, therefore 10k will have a less brassy tone and 18k will appear more yellow. The higher the karat, the softer the metal, therefore everyday rings will do better over time in 10k as it doesn’t ding or scratch as easily.  Lastly, the higher the karat the better the value will hold over time.  Planning to pass this ring down to your children?  18k will be worth more than 10k.

How do I care for my Palm Sunday jewelry?

We recommend you wash your jewelry with warm, soapy water. Refrain from wearing your jewelry during exercise or swimming, however it is safe to wear our jewelry in the shower! Take care when wearing prong-set rings and when wearing soft stones like Sunstone or Opal.