People often ask me “Why the name ‘Palm Sunday?” and I used to wince a little because it wasn’t my favorite question to answer. I decided to name my brand Palm Sunday back in 2015 when I had just returned from a 7 month traveling stint in the South Pacific and wanted to start a ready-to-wear and jewelry line inspired by the laid-back luxury of the islands. I felt the words Palm and Sunday represented both the tropical and the relaxed weekend vibe I was aiming for. Plus, I’m not particularly religious but I did grow up attending Catholic school so the aesthetics of the church have always been influential in my designs.

But as my focus shifted away from developing resort clothing and more towards jewelry (rings specifically), the name has been a little bit of a struggle to explain. My friend Samantha reminded me that while my jewelry may not be based in religion, it is based in spirituality and the power of intention. It was then that I felt connection to Palm Sunday again and realized my “why” for the first time.

Palm Sunday is a brand of reverence for your palms, allowing them to become the focus and conduit of your intentions. By placing certain stones on our fingers we are not only expressing to others our tastes and identity, we are also reminding ourselves of that. Whether you believe in the power of stones or not, a ring can serve as an important reassurance of self. So while I still have a thing for the tropical, the Palm is now the palm of the hand, and Sunday is the reverence we should give it.

Photo by Chelsea Clayton