Inspiration For The Siena 2022 Collection

Revisiting Siena For 2022

I decided to revisit the Siena Cathedral for inspiration for the Holiday 2022 collection. I visited Siena in 2016 and drew heavily from the cathedral and the city itself for the Holiday 2020 collection, but I wanted to focus this time on the cathedral interior's celestial theme. Bringing in more deep ultramarines, golds, and sparkle, reminiscent of the moons and stars of the nighttime sky.

The Gemstones


The gemstones sourced for this collection relied heavily on the deep blues of sapphires and tanzanite, with pops of citrine and grounded in the black of onyx. I also sprinkled in some Oregon sunstones for sparkle. All of the stones used for this collection were responsibly sourced through reputable dealers.

The Motifs

Unsurprisingly, I used stars and moons the most in this collection. Our popular onyx ring has a white gold and moissanite star at its center, our sapphire swivel ring is a showstopper with its shifting star rays, and I even sourced some antique seed pearl brooches to convert into special, one-of-a-kind pendants.


The Scarf

Because the Positano Signature Scarf was already a beautiful shade of blue, I decided to focus on the black and sienna colors in the famous marble floors of the cathedral. I kept our four icons in the corners, but changed up the central motif a bit to better reflect the inspiration.

The Rings

I'm so proud of how the rings for this collection turned out - each with their own personality and character thanks to their stone's unique cut. You'll find portrait cut, brilliant cut, half-moon, kite, and shield in this diverse assortment.