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Inspiration For The Siena Collection

What is PS Siena?

My second collection of rings launched November 28th, 2020 and I decided to name it "Siena" after the beautiful Italian city in Tuscany.

Overall Vision

I acquired the visual inspiration for this collection during a trip to Florence and Siena, Italy.  The neutral colors of Tuscany channeled those of citrine, topaz, and smoky quarts, while the graphic black and white elements of the historical city of Siena reminded me of bold onyx and diamonds. Silhouettes in this collection are drawn mostly from the architectural features of the Duomo di Firenze and Siena.


Color Inspiration

When one thinks of Tuscany, earth tones of terra cotta and stucco fill the mind. Since this collection made its debut in the Fall, I felt a neutral, grounded palette of golden gems and pops of black and white were appropriate. 



Gemstone Selection

This collection drew heavily on stones from my personal collection as it was developed during the pandemic when visiting gem shows wasn't an option. I also sourced antique onyx and diamonds from local dealers.


Motif Research

While in Siena, Italy, we visited the Duomo di Siena, an impressive and impossibly ornate cathedral. The motifs and silhouettes for the Siena collection are derived from the overall architectural style (domes, arches, and vaulted ceilings) as well as the more minor elements such as the marble flooring, the star shapes, and delicate facade details.


Idea Exploration

I began playing around with these motifs as two dimensional shapes and then started to brainstorm on how these could become three dimensional rings. I decided I would not only have to fabricate rings from flat metal sheet, but I would also need to research lost-wax casting as a means to create the more organic sketches I'd drawn.



Want To Know More?

I'm a lover of creating visual moods and gathering inspiration (if you can't already tell) and I document most of my research on Pinterest.
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