Custom Sapphire Engraved ARCO Ring

Custom Sapphire Engraved ARCO Ring

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A play on the terms "Art Deco" and "Arco" (Italian for "arch") combines the two inspirations for this 14k yellow gold ring: silhouettes and diamond cuts popular in the 1930's Art Deco period of jewelry and the architecture of the Italian Renaissance.

To achieve this geometric shape with its gently curved shoulders, this ring is hand-carved out of wax to your size and cast. Nestled atop a hexagonal setting sits a 5mm, .5ct light blue sapphire, carefully secured with six golden beads. This version of the ARCO Ring is fully hand-engraved by Jaime Rojas in North Carolina. 

  • Hand-Engraved 14k Gold
  • Inside Band Engraved with "best friend"
  • Size 8
  • Ring Measures 10mm Wide At Front
  • Band Measures 3mm Wide At Back
  • Setting Measures 3mm Tall
  • Sapphire Measures 5mm In Diameter And Weighs .5ct