Inspiration For The Santa Maria Collection

Inspired by the colors of Florence, Italy and stones that remind me of springtime, the Santa Maria Collection features intricate, feminine detailing while remaining true to Palm Sunday with its strong architectural and geometric influences.
***Imagine strolling along the Arno river, warmed by the sun but kept cool by the jasmine-scented breeze and your cone of fresh gelato.***





In 2016, my partner Dave and I travelled to Italy for the first time to stay in Florence for a week.

I was enamored by the beautiful architecture found all over the city, but the Duomo (otherwise known as the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore) quickly became my favorite for its ornament and vibrant, color blocked pink and green marble.




I paid special attention to the quatrefoils, scrolls, scallops, and overall graphic blocking of the Santa Maria del Fiore when dreaming up this collection. It pairs well with last season's Siena Collection as the two structures have so much in common. 

This collection of rings will feel more light, airy, and colorful compared to the monochromatic Siena Collection.




Inspired by the green marble of the Duomo, I selected teal moissanites, green tourmaline, mint beryls, peacock apatites, and aquamarine. For the pinks, I chose pink and champagne sapphires, blush tourmalines, and morganite. As I transition into sourcing ethical stones exclusively, many in this collection are sourced from small, artisanal cutters and mines.



Many of the pieces in this collection are one of a kind and pair perfectly with our always available pieces from the Siena Collection.

Siena on the left, Santa Maria on the right.

Browse the collection here, and let me know what you think!


x, lauren